But first, let's talk about...

Who is the Unicorn Society For?

The Unicorn Society is a curated community of hand-picked fitness business super-achievers. We created the Unicorn Society because we believe in the value of like-minded people coming together to support each other, crowdsource best practices, and generally kick ass.

When we started this experiment this past year, we came into it with a lot of humility. After all, there are already a lot of incredible resources for growing your fitness business.

But while we have tons of respect for the other amazing options available, it’s no secret that Michael and I do things a bit differently. We know Mark Fisher Fitness isn’t for everyone, and we know Business for Unicorns isn’t for everyone.

We believed that if we got the right people together and took them through our Business for Unicorns courses, we could supercharge results. We could help our Society Members find a community that shares their values. We could create a home for the fitness business owners that wanted support, but felt like outliers.

In short… we could “find the others.”

The ones who are:

  • Driven to make a serious impact in your community
  • Turned off by tacky fitness marketing and bait-and-switch ploys
  • Looking to create freedom in your life, but not at the expense of your team
  • Ready to systemize your business to create reproducible results
  • Excited to massively increase profits WITHOUT losing sight of your purpose
  • Willing to do the hard work required to grow as a leader and a human
  • In it for the long haul to leave a legacy

So what happened? How did it go?

Here is what people are saying:

Now Accepting Applications for 2019

Apply by October 28 and Save $100 Per Month
Apply Now

Now listen, here’s one more thing you need to know…


The Unicorn Society is not for everyone.

And that statement isn’t a marketing tactic. Frankly, we’re really not the right fit for all fitness business owners. We don’t take an overly directive approach, and we don’t demand you do things our way.

Now you can trust we’ll never be shy if we have an idea that could help improve your results. And we’re definitely not promising we’ll never be tough on you. We’re always happy to challenge you if we have a different perspective. And with great respect, we will call you out if we think you’re bullshitting.

But we’ll also never lose sight that YOU know your business best. If we accept your application, it means we trust that you’re a super-achiever. And we know our primary job is to:

  • Ask great questions
  • Help you get crystal clear on what you really want out of your life and business
  • Offer you the best possible systems, strategies, and tactics to succeed
  • Support you in taking consistent action

In other words, this is NOT a guru-led mastermind.

In fact… can we be honest? We kinda fucking hate that term (no shade, we know many are super legit, and some of our best pals and mentors run them).

This is not a “mastermind.”

This is a motherfucking Society of Unicorn Super-Achievers.

As we continue the march to 2019, we will soon open up a strictly limited number of new spots in the Unicorn Society. We’re looking for fitness business owners committed to achieving specific audacious business goals in 2019.

Ideal candidates should demonstrate ferocious work ethic and values alignment with your fellow super-achievers.

We’re strictly capping the number of new members who want to join our community of like-minded business owners.

Our commitment is to do every damn thing in our power to make sure every single person who commits to the Unicorn Society sets and achieves ambitious goals for their business in 2019.

We want you to experience results like this:

We are 100% committed to this being the best experience possible and getting massive results for members of the Unicorn Society.

And that starts with choosing people who will truly benefit.

As you’ll see below, we’ll be making sure everyone who joins is really the right fit.

The way we see it, our professional integrity and reputation are on the line.

The Unicorn Society is the ultimate platform for all we’ve learned to date running Mark Fisher Fitness and coaching other business owners. And if we’re gonna shoot for the moon, we need astronauts committed to leaving orbit with us.

↑ Artist’s rendition of Society Member courageously achieving their goals ↑

We Live or Die by Our Values.


We chose to see the best in others.


We acknowledge that
we don’t know what
we don’t know.


We treat others how they want to be treated.


We get 1% better every day.


We take ownership of our impact.


We talk about what is going well and what is not going well.


We give our best and expect it from others.


Everyone is welcome.


We create joyful experiences.


Unicorn Society members will have access to all Business for Unicorns courses in 2019.

Our 2019 courses will be a mix of 2.0 versions of our most popular 2018 courses, as well as some brand spankin’ new ones. We will cover topics ranging from time management to customer service to developing a team and so much more.

Unicorn Society Members receive:

This alone could save thousands of dollars in time and travel costs. Only Society Members will have the ability to participate in any courses they want without actually having to leave their home or put on pants. (... because we trust you. Because you’re a mother-fucking super-achiever.)

  • The option to send a team member to any live event in your place at no additional cost
  • Highly discounted team member pricing for Business for Unicorn courses
  • Members-only Unicorn Society Facebook Group filled with other like-minded super-achievers
  • Regular group coaching calls in a small group format
  • Unlimited 15-minute laser coaching availability
  • Opportunity to shadow the Mark Fisher Fitness Ninja Clubhouses and see how we operate on a daily basis
  • Access to all of Mark Fisher Fitness’s internal systems, forms, and documents including marketing calendars, sales scripts, and more
  • Exclusive Facebook Live Seminars on topics like Profit First accounting, wealth- building for entrepreneurs, and more
  • Expert presentations at Unicorn Society Retreats with content chosen based on the areas YOU want to be covered
  • Secret Handshake
  • Cloak of invisibility
  • The power to communicate telepathically with various animals, including but not limited to: Dogs, Dolphins, Monkeys, and Narwhals
  • Mark and Michael’s relentless focus on your personal success

Now Accepting Applications for 2019

Apply by October 28 and Save $100 Per Month
Apply Now



Financial Investment:

+ Estimated value: ONE BILLION DOLLARS

+ Actual Investment: $799 per month

+ New members will receive the 2019 early bird rate of $699 per month IF they apply by Monday, October 28, 2018

And yes, we know this is very underpriced relative to the value and the other options available. Our plan is to continue to improve the Unicorn Society year after year and raise prices accordingly.

For those looking to lock in these lower rates, now is the time to take action.

New Member Timeline:

+ Applicants who pass the initial screening will be interviewed in November

+ We will confirm whether you’ve been accepted by November 19, 2018 so you can plan your life

+ Payments will start on January 1, 2019

Time Investment:

+ Every Week: If you can’t commit to working on your business for at least two to three hours a week, this isn’t the right fit for you. While we’re confident our Time Ninja course can help you create that time, the Unicorn Society is for people 100% committed to their ongoing professional development.

+ For the Year: By signing up for this course, you are committing to us, your fellow Unicorn Society members, and yourself that you’re going to take massive action in 2019. We’re looking for people that want to work with us for all of 2019.

This does NOT mean you have to do every single Business for Unicorns course. In fact, we generally recommend against that, as based on your business and bandwidth, that may be overkill!

We know we’re providing more learning opportunities than most people can realistically absorb. The goal isn’t to do everything; it’s to create the right personalized curriculum based on your needs and interests.

We’ll work with you individually to make sure you’re on the right educational path. This is not a cookie-cutter approach.




We know life happens, and sometimes shit goes down. So if you get a thrown a curveball and genuinely can’t continue with your commitment, we’ll talk it out and see what makes sense. We won’t pull any shady shit and make you pay for a membership you can’t actually participate in.

HOWEVER, this will only be for truly extenuating circumstances. We’re committing to you 100%, and we ask our super-achievers to commit to the society 100%.


The 2019 Unicorn Society (and billing) begins January 1st, 2019. We’re looking for people to commit for the full year, and will not be opening up enrollment again till at least mid-year, and possibly not till 2020.



If you want to hear more about the program, you can email either of us at [email protected] or [email protected].

We’re happy to answer questions over email or hop on the phone. This would NOT be a sales call. We genuinely want to make sure you know what you’re getting into and it feels like the right fit for this moment in your life and business.



Once we receive and review your application, we’ll get back to you about next steps one way or the other.

Thank you for your interest in unicorn magic and creating a business that forever improves the lives of all who touch it which in turn both creates a life of financial and personal freedom for you and your family but most importantly of all allows you to move in the direction of your dreams safe in the knowledge that you will LEAVE THIS EARTH BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT.

Much love!

Mark and Michael

Now Accepting Applications for 2019

Apply by October 28 and Save $100 Per Month
Apply Now