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Hey there training gym owner!

If you’ve been in this business for any period of time, you probably know the fitness industry has a real problem.

Too many training gym owners are struggling to get by.

See if any of this rings a bell…

Clients love you once they get in the door, but you’re not getting enough leads to grow at the pace you want.

You have a never-ending list of things you know you should do, but you can’t seem to prioritize and carve out time to make consistent progress.

You have the foundations of a great team, but not everyone is performing as well as they could. And you’re not sure every single person is an ideal fit.

You absolutely love your job, but you’re starting to resent it because you spend too much time working. You’re missing out on the time to recharge and be present with your family and friends.

You’re proud of the work you do with your clients, but at the end of the month, paying your bills always feels like a squeeze.

And as dedicated as you are to your clients and team, you don’t have a strategy to leverage your training gym to build long term wealth for you and your family.

Or maybe NONE of this resonates.

Maybe you’re already kicking ass. Maybe you just KNOW there’s another level…

To create an even BIGGER impact, to increase your income, and to experience real personal freedom.

All while working smarter, working less, and having a blast doing it!

Imagine if you didn’t have to figure it out alone…

What if you could get immediate support when you find yourself facing some new business obstacle?

What if you had personal coaching from people who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk alongside you? By coaches who… ya know, actually operate a gym? 😉

What if you could access proven playbooks to get more leads, retain more members, and take amazing care of the clients who place their trust in you.

What if you had guidance and accountability so you know EXACTLY what to work on and in what order to make the training gym of your dreams?

Your next 12 months could be your best EVER, the most profitable, the most fun, and the most impactful.

And the Unicorn Society may be exactly what you’re looking for to take your business to the next level. 🙂

But don’t wait!

We only open up enrollment twice per year. And this is your chance to start 2024 off with a bang. So keep reading… 

What the hell is the Unicorn Society?

We’re so glad you asked.

Unicorn Society

The Unicorn Society is a curated community of hand-picked fitness business super-achievers. 

We help training gym owners create more personal freedom, a bigger impact on your clients, and more take-home income… without compromising your integrity.

We created the Unicorn Society because we believe in the value of like-minded people coming together: to support each other, to crowdsource best practices, and to generally kick ass.

Members receive personalized one-on-one coaching from the BFU Team.

You’ll also get access to in-person retreats, BFU courses and playbooks, group coaching calls, quarterly planning sessions, office hours and more.

The Unicorn Society is a home for fitness business owners who want financial success but sometimes feel like outliers in an industry that too often loses sight of its mission.

In short… we’re always looking to “find the others.”

The ones who are:

  • Driven to make a serious impact in your community
  • Turned off by tacky fitness marketing and bait-and-switch ploys
  • Looking to create freedom in your life, but not at the expense of your team
  • Ready to systemize your business to create reproducible results
  • Excited to increase profits WITHOUT losing sight of your purpose
  • Willing to do the hard work required to grow as a leader and a human
  • In it for the long haul to leave a legacy

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Who is the Unicorn Society for?

Our focus is 100% on brick-and-mortar fitness business owners. 

Our expertise and specialty is training gym owners (sometimes called “micro-gyms” or training-centric fitness studios).

The Unicorn Society is NOT the right fit for:

  • Personal trainers focused on growing an online training business
  • Aspiring personal trainers looking to break into the industry
  • Established personal trainers without their own space
  • Employees in someone else’s business
  • Entrepreneurs in other industries
  • Big box gym owners

(If you fit one of the above categories and are interested in learning more from BFU, please check out our coaching options.)

We’re very protective of the vibe of the community. That’s why we hand-pick the people we admit. And unlike many coaching groups, we have a hard cap on the number of members to ensure personal attention.

In fact, many of our members have been with us since we launched our very first cohort.

We’re not a churn-and-burn program. We value building long term relationships. While we only ask for a 12 month commitment upfront, it’s our goal to provide you so much value that you want to work with us for years to come.

You’ll never feel like a faceless number in the Unicorn Society.

What’s Included in a Unicorn Society Membership?

Who You Are:

  • You have been the owner and operator of a fitness studio for one or more years.
  • You have a dedicated space (leased or owned).
  • You work full time in the business.
  • You have one or more employees.
  • You have over 30 clients.

What You Get:

  • 60 minutes per month of One-On-One Coaching (usually $450/ hr)
  • Bi-Annual In-Person Retreats 
    • Spring Retreat: Austin, TX 
    • Fall Retreat: TBD
    • Unlimited Access to 6+ Weekly Office Hours for On-Demand Coaching
    • Coaching and Staff Development for your Team so we can train your team for you


    • Virtual Quarterly Planning Sessions 
    • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Workshops 
    • Free tickets to BFU Live Courses (usually $899/ seat)
    • 5 Team Passes to Unicorn University, our On-Demand Courses
    • 2 Team Passes to our Content Library with Done-for-You Playbooks and Templates
    • Private Members-Only Facebook Group

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      My name is Mark Fisher, and alongside my childhood best pal and business partner Michael Keeler, I co-founded NYC’s Mark Fisher Fitness.

      Mark and Michael jumping

      That’s us. Enthusiasm!

      MFF has been named one of Men’s Health magazine’s “Top 20 Gyms in America,” and has been featured in all sorts of news media for being one of the highest revenue generating training gyms per square foot in the country.

      In 2016, we started Business for Unicorns to teach other training gyms what we were learning. We wanted more training gym owners to make the impact and income that they envisioned when opening up their facility. 

      In 2021, we brought on one of the brightest business minds in the fitness industry to join our merry band:

      Pete Dupuis, Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance

      Mark and Michael jumping

      There he is. That’s Pete!

      Now let’s be real, MFF and CSP have had outlier success with outlier brands.

      Sure, Pete has multiple degrees in business, including an MBA.

      Sure, Keeler has a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and is currently pursuing his doctorate.

      Sure, I have a BFA in Musical Theatre. (Actually… ok, I guess that’s not relevant.)

      Listen, we know our businesses are a bit different than the usual training gym.

      But lest you discount our expertise for that very reason, we’ve recently added a “secret weapon” to our team…

      Ben “the Secret Weapon” Pickard

      Ben Pickard

      Ben’s facility is in suburban Canada. He is not in NYC. He does not train Broadway performers. He is not business partners with the head strength coach of the Yankees.

      And yet he consistently makes multiple six figures in profit with the exact kind of facility that most training gym owners aspire to own and operate.

      He’s a semi-absentee owner who’s mastery of business systems and processes have made him one of the industry’s best kept secrets. And we’re now unleashing his expertise to the benefit of our community of high-performing training gym owners.

      Featured On


      New Unicorn Society Members will officially start working with us on January 1st. However, we’ve been known to let action takers start a bit early. 😉


      If you want to hear more about the program, you can email any of us to chat. Our email addresses are our first name (Mark, Michael, Pete, and Ben)

      We’re happy to answer questions over email or hop on the phone. This is NOT a sales call. We genuinely want to make sure you know what you’re getting into and it feels like the right fit for this moment in your life and business.


      Not a problem. You’re not locked into a contract, just a good faith commitment.

      Part of our job is to keep you accountable. So if you’re struggling to make time and take action, we’ll thank you in advance for being coachable. 🙂

      But we also know life happens. And furthermore, different people need different kinds of support at different times. Our commitment is to your success, even if it means we find other resources for you.


      Once we receive and review your application, we’ll get back to you about next steps one way or the other.

      Remember, this is one of only TWO enrollment periods per year.

      Thank you for your interest in unicorn magic and creating a business that forever improves the lives of all who touch it which in turn both creates a life of financial and personal freedom for you and your family but most importantly of all allows you to move in the direction of your dreams safe in the knowledge that you will LEAVE THIS EARTH BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT.

      Much love!

      Mark, Michael, Pete, and Ben.

      PS Want to see more real life experiences?

      Check out below. 🙂

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      Memorable Unicorn Society Moments (2018-2023)