How to Become a Time Ninja:

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Hello There Time-Strapped Human Being,

If you’re interested in learning how to get more stuff done in less time, perhaps you share my passion for productivity. Maybe you’re already feeling super accomplished, and you simply want to sharpen the saw and optimize your workflow.

Or maybe you’re finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the demands of your life and business.

Perhaps you never get the feeling of satisfaction that comes with actually completing a high-level task. Maybe you never have the confidence to know you’ve properly prioritized and executed the action steps required to move you towards your goals.

Lord knows… that’d make sense!

After all, the time demands we face in today’s world are pretty damn unprecedented. Whether you run your own business or have a demanding job, there’s always going to be more to do than you have time to accomplish.

The good news is that mastering productivity isn’t really about “getting more stuff done.” That’s just “activity.” It’s about focusing on the right things that can move your business forward so you can really live the life you want; more freedom, more income, more impact on the lives of your clients and customers.

For the past few years, my business partner Michael Keeler and I have been coaching everyone from professional artists to fitness business owners to high-level entrepreneurs. And in spite of the variety of people we’ve helped, there’s been one very consistent trend…

Almost everyone we work with is buried with disorganized to-do lists that never seem to end.

You have so many demands on your time

How do you know how to prioritize:

  • Getting more prospects so you can grow your business?
  • Finding ways to improve service for your existing clients and customers?
  • Coaching up your team so they continue to grow over time?
  • Developing systems for all your processes so you can properly delegate?
  • Handling the inevitable “fires” that pop up in the day-to-day of high demand careers?
  • Taking time for your own education and development so you continue to improve?
  • Your smartphone that is ALWAYS blowing up with communication?
  • … dare I say it… your personal and home life???

Yowza. This is a LOT.

I’m going to cut the sales copy shit and get right to the point.

For anyone familiar with Mark Fisher Fitness or the way I approach work, you probably know I’m brutally effective and disciplined with my time.

There are many, many things I suck at.

Time management is not one of them.

Let’s talk about a recent year in my life…

You may know I’m obsessed with investing time, energy, and money in my personal development.

In 2016, I read or audio-booked over 100 books. (119… but who’s counting? :-)) I attended 15 conferences as a student and/or a presenter all over North America and the UK.

I did this all while continuing to help run one of the fastest growing gyms in the history of the fitness industry. This was also the year we opened up our second location through a brutal NYC buildout process.

In my “free time,” I got engaged while on vacation in Thailand, moved apartments in NYC AND got married to the love of my life, and spent nine days at Burning Man with ZERO access to the outside world.

Now you might be asking, “how the hell did he do all that?”

The answer?


I’m a sad over-functioning fuck-freak who is trying to fill a hole inside that I’ll never totally fill! ?

But worry not.

Just because I’m insane doesn’t mean you can’t steal my shit and learn my personal processes for kicking ass.

Get more shit done in less time with less stress even if you’re buried in work.

In Business For Unicorn’s Time Ninja course, we’re going to go deep with online workshop content and three months of online coaching.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

 ⇒ Prioritize your day EVERY day so you can “win”

 ⇒ Stop wasting time on shit that doesn’t matter

 ⇒ Effectively delegate things that don’t require your personal attention

 ⇒ Learn the real truth about working on strengths vs. working on weaknesses

 ⇒ Create a system to NEVER forget something important again

 ⇒ Discover the science behind why most To-Do Lists don’t work (and what to do instead)

 ⇒ Master your calendar and honor your personal rhythms to maximize your productivity

 ⇒ Conquer your inbox once and for all (… this will be so easy, you’ll be shocked)

 ⇒ PLUS: My personal system for education-hacking including:

  ♦ How to learn more stuff

♦ How to retain more stuff

♦ How to make better choices on where to spend your educational time, energy, and money

And so much more…


It’s no secret Mark Fisher Fitness has had some pretty unprecedented success.

What began in 2011 as a single personal trainer has gone on to become two locations in the New York City’s hyper-competitive market with over 1000 clients. In addition to being an honoree on Inc 500’s list of fastest growing companies in America, we’ve scored all sorts of local and national press for our business success and our quirky-ass culture.

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And the backbone of Mark Fisher Fitness is our ability to have a clearly articulated vision of where we are heading. By having a focused mission statement, goals, and key metrics we’ve been able to manage our growth instead of being overwhelmed by it. 

FUN FACT: Business for Unicorns co-founder Michael Keeler spent years working with nonprofit organizations as a strategic planner, helping those organizations create business plans focused on building strong relationships and growth. From the inception of Mark Fisher Fitness, Michael has brought those strategic skills to his role at MFF, guiding the company every step of the way.

And here’s the best news of all… None of this requires magic powers.

These are learnable skills.

Let’s be real, most personal productivity systems fall apart quickly because well-meaning people read a book or attend an event and go back to their disordered life. You get exposed yourself to a brain dump of ideas, and then struggle to consistently execute and adapt for your professional needs and preferences.

Hell, I’ve run events like this. While I wouldn’t say these events are a waste of time, the reality is it’s not the way most people learn. We can do better.

This is why Keeler and I will work with participants over a three month period using a habit-based approach to actually integrate the techniques. At the live event, we’ll give you an overview of the whole system, and over the following months, we’ll integrate things on a step by step basis so you can adopt bite size habits.

The online program will be done entirely through our private Time Ninja Facebook group, so you can easily take part at your own convenience from anywhere in the world.

We also hold regular FB Live Q&A’s, and for those who prefer to be drip fed the habits via email and don’t do Facebook, we’ll also deliver the course content via email.

PLUS, for this round, in addition to the Facebook group and biweekly Facebook Live Q&A’s, you’ll have access to weekly 15-minute laser coaching calls with Keeler and yours truly to help you work through any bumps in the road as you integrate the system.

Keeler and I will be there every step of the way to help you choose the right habits for you personally, provide accountability and support, and answer any questions you may have as you run into the inevitable roadblocks of your daily life.

This means you’ll be increasing your productivity week after week after week.

I’ve spent years studying every personal productivity course I could get my hands-on and endlessly refining my systems.

And now I want you to have the fruits of that labor.

Here’s What You Get

Online Workshop Content

To Kick-start your Time Ninja Journey

Weekly Laser Coaching Calls 

with Michael + Mark

3 Months of Coaching

+ Implementation Support

Facebook Live Q&A Sessions

with Your Fellow Time Ninjas

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But don’t take our word for it...

“Before registering, I’ve always struggled with getting high-priority items done consistently and systematically. Follow through was always a challenge – I really couldn’t fathom how some people could remember things 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years from now!

What was missing was a personal system to make all of this happen. Time Ninja has solved all of this in an incredibly short period of time. It was almost like becoming Type A overnight.

I’m getting more done before 9AM on a routine basis than I would in 1-2 days prior. I suddenly have the time to take on higher-level tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

The format with 90 days of support and accountability is a game changer. This might be, by far, the best value course I’ve ever taken!

— Jonathan Hudak, Performance Manager, Manalapan, NJ

Time Ninja has restored my relationship with Time. I started this course burnt out and frazzled. Now, I feel far less stressed because I’m in control of my day. The process started with admitting I needed some help and actually signing up.

During the in-person workshop, we identified some immediate action steps and laid a great foundation. The accountability and support provided over the last few weeks has been the real game changer. This program is far more than a lesson in managing time.”

— Jessica Botte, Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, JBeWell Fitness Solutions, New York City

“Time is our most precious commodity and too many people take it for granted. As an entrepreneur we’re always focused on speed, speed, speed and we rarely get a chance to step back to see if what we’re doing is really the most important daily tasks.

Spending the time going through Time Ninja helped to reevaluate my current strategy and focus on the activities that get me closer to my goal and avoiding the energy draining ones that get me further from it.

— John Annillo, Marketing Agency Owner of Gym Autopilot, Hoboken, NJ

Now here’s the best part… There’s truly NO risk.

You have nothing to lose.

Like all Business for Unicorns courses, there’s a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t make a 10 TIMES RETURN on your investment.

That’s right. If you don’t make back 10 TIMES the amount of money you invested over the next twelve months, we will give you your money back.

Building a profitable business you love requires lots of risks. This isn’t one of them. 

The time you spend creating a robust business plan will pay off tenfold, we guarantee it.

Think about it this way…


If this course teaches you how to save just 5 minutes a day (it will save you WAY MORE, but let’s say “5 minutes”…)

That’s 25 minutes a week.

That’s over 20 hours a year.

That’s over 5 full work weeks over a decade.

Can you imagine what you’d do with an extra five full workweeks of devoted HIGH-VALUE time to invest in your business or career?

How would that extra time impact your professional goals?

How would that extra time affect your income?

Or maybe…

Maybe you won’t use that in your business at all.

Maybe you’ll “bank” that time and spend it with your family. That’d be nice, yeah?

And remember, with a 100% money back guarantee that you’ll receive a 10x return on your investment, you have nothing to lose.

(… besides your frustration, and stress, and aching longing to spend more time with your loved ones.)

You are going to fucking love this.

See you online!



Enroll Early to Save BIG Bucks!


Q: How does the payment plan work?

A: Your enrollment fee is made is three payments. Your first payment is due when you register. The second payment is charged 30 days after you register, and the third payment 60 days after you register.

Q: I’m not an entrepreneur or freelancer, and I work for someone else. Will this information still be relevant to me?

AFuck yeah. To be clear, some of the most Ninja-y Ninja moves do require some control over your schedule. But if you’re looking to kick major professional ass, you can find ways to work with your boss to implement this stuff and get more shit done.

Furthermore, a lot of the big picture stuff is beneficial to anyone who wants help prioritizing, mastering their inbox, becoming a learning machine, etc. Plus, if your boss is cool/ sane, he or she will want you to learn how to maximize your productivity. Bosses like this kind of thing when it’s makes their life and easier and helps them make more money!

Q: What’s the deal with the 15-minute laser coaching calls? How often can we call you if we’re having problems?

A: As often as you want! Every week, we’ll have several hours of availability you can simply book if there’s something you want to talk about. If for some reason that availability doesn’t work, just let us know and we’ll find another time that works for you. In our humble opinion, this access is worth way more than the cost of the entire program.

Q: How does the Time Ninja on-going coaching program work?

A: The coaching program will be done totally online and focus on integrating one habit at a time over 13 weeks on a private Facebook group for attendees. The goal of the program is helping you choose the right “size” habit to integrate, then holding you accountable to daily practice.

In addition, Keeler and I will be on there to answer any and all questions so we can be sure you’re using the system as best you can for your personal situation and goals. We’ll also be there to help you come back if you fall off the wagon, or help you adjust as needed based on the inevitable obstacles that will come up.

Lastly, we’ll also host regular Facebook Live Q&A’s in the group to answer any questions you may have. And for those that don’t love Facebook, or simply prefer to read the content in their email, we’ll also be sharing the daily drip-fed content from the course via email for your convenience.

In short, we’ll be working with you on a daily basis to make sure you’re actually seeing results and integrating the program.

No Time Ninja left behind!!! ?


Still have questions? Email Mark, let’s chat.