Time Management Secrets for Busy Fitness Professionals

How To Get More of the Right Stuff Done, Grow Your Fitness Business FAST, And Win the Day


A 1 Day Workshop with Mark Fisher

Thursday May 17th, 2018 (9:00a – 5:30p)

The Village Hotel
Pinehurst Road
GU14 7BF

Hello There Time-Strapped Fitness Professional,

If you’re interested in learning how to get more stuff done in less time, perhaps you share my passion for productivity. Maybe you’re already feeling super accomplished, and you simply want to sharpen the saw and optimize your workflow.

Or maybe you’re finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the demands of your life and business.

Perhaps you never get the feeling of satisfaction that comes with actually completing a high-level task. Maybe you never have the confidence to know you’ve properly prioritized and executed the action steps required to move you towards your goals.

Lord knows… that’d make sense!

After all, the time demands we face in today’s world are pretty damn unprecedented. Whether you run your own business or have a demanding job, there’s always going to be more to do than you have time to accomplish.

The good news is that mastering productivity isn’t really about “getting more stuff done.” That’s just “activity.” It’s about focusing on the right things that can move your business forward so you can really live the life you want; more freedom, more income, more impact on the lives of your clients and customers.

For the past few years, my business partner Michael Keeler and I have been coaching everyone from professional artists to fitness business owners to high-level entrepreneurs. And in spite of the variety of people we’ve helped, there’s been one very consistent trend:

Almost everyone we work with is buried with disorganized to-do lists that never seem to end.

You have so many demands on your time… how do you know how to prioritize:

  • Getting more prospects so you can grow your fitness business?
  • Finding ways to improve service for your existing clients?
  • Making time for your own continuing education?
  • Coaching up your team so they continue to grow over time?
  • Developing systems for all your processes so you can properly delegate?
  • Handling the inevitable “fires” that come up in the day-to-day of high demand careers?
  • Your smartphone that is ALWAYS blowing up with communication?
  • … dare I say it… your personal and home life???

Yowza. This is a LOT.

I’m going to cut the sales copy shit and get right to the point.

For anyone familiar with Mark Fisher Fitness or the way I approach work, you probably know I’m brutally effective and disciplined with my time.

There are many, many things I suck at.

Time management is not one of them.

Let’s talk about my 2016…

You may know I’m obsessed with investing time, energy, and money in my personal development.

In 2016, I read or audio-booked over 100 books. (119… but who’s counting? :-)) I attended 15 conferences as a student and/or a presenter all over North America and the UK.

I did this all while continuing to help run one of the fastest growing gyms in the history of the fitness industry. This was also the year we opened up our second location through a brutal NYC buildout process.

In my “free time,” I got engaged while on vacation in Thailand,

moved apartments in NYC AND got married to the love of my life,

and spent nine days at Burning Man with ZERO access to the outside world.

Now you might be asking, “how the hell did he do all that?”

The answer?


I’m a sad over-functioning fuck-freak who is trying to fill a hole inside that I’ll never totally fill! ?

But worry not.

Just because I’m insane doesn’t mean you can’t steal my shit and learn my personal processes for kicking ass and

Get more shit done in less time with less stress even if you’re buried in work.

I’ve spent years studying every personal productivity course I could get my hands-on and endlessly refining my systems. And in this one day workshop, I’ll be letting you in on exactly how to navigate our increasingly complicated world.

After several sold out iterations of our Time Ninja personal productivity course, I’ve seen just how these techniques change people’s lives. This isn’t just a bunch of disorganized “hacks.” I’ll be sharing a complete system you can use to supercharge your work output

In Business For Unicorn’s Time Management Secrets for Busy Fitness Professionals, we’re going to go deep in a live one-day workshop.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Prioritize your day EVERY day so you can “win”
  • Stop wasting time on shit that doesn’t matter
  • Effectively delegate things that don’t require your personal attention
  • Create a system to NEVER forget something important again
  • Discover the science behind why most To-Do Lists don’t work and what to do instead
  • Master your calendar and honor your personal rhythms to maximize your productivity
  • Conquer your inbox once and for all (… this will be so easy, you’ll be shocked)

And we’re not satisfied to simply talk at you for a few days and then leave you to you to figure it out. This won’t be another one of those courses that leave you with pages of notes, lots of good intentions, and zero action.

We’ll be with you every step of the way helping you implement these strategies into your business. With weekly modules that keep you focused, we’ll make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Best of all, between our Facebook Group, Live Q&A, and unlimited 15-minute laser coaching calls, we’ll work with YOU to help you figure how what’s best for your business.


Thursday May 17th, 2018
Registration – 9:00am
Start – 9:30am
Finish – 5:30pm

The Village Hotel
Pinehurst Road
GU14 7BF

Village Hotel

Sign by March 31st to access £99 Early Bird Rate
(Save £50!)

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Now here’s the best part… There’s truly NO risk.

You have nothing to lose.

To take the full Time Ninja course in NYC with three month coaching program, people pay over $600- $1000 USD.

So why the hell is this so affordable?

The swear-on-my-heart-hope-to-die-truth:

I’ll be spending Friday March 18th working with some of the best and brightest facility owners in Europe in the International Fitness Business Alliance. Since I’m already going to be in London anyway, I’ve decided to offer this one day workshop to reach fitness professionals and facility owners who won’t be able to make it across the pond to take the full Time Ninja course.

And I’m so confident in the direct measurable value in this system and program, I’m offering a 10x return on investment money back guarantee.

If you don’t get at least $1000?? in value over the next six months, I’ll happily return your admission fee. With the time (and MONEY) you’ll be saving with greater efficiency, you’ll make that money back within days.

Think about it this way…

Think about it this way…

If this workshop teaches you how to save just 5 minutes a day (it will save you WAY MORE, but let’s say “5 minutes”…)

That’s 25 minutes a week.

That’s over 20 hours a year.

That’s over 5 full work weeks over a decade.

Can you imagine what you’d do with an extra five full workweeks of devoted HIGH-VALUE time to invest in your business or career?

How would that extra time impact your professional goals?

How would that extra time affect your income?

Or maybe…

Maybe you won’t use that in your business at all.

Maybe you’ll “bank” that time and spend it with your family. That’d be nice, yeah?

And remember, with a 100% money back guarantee that you’ll receive a 10x return on your investment, you have nothing to lose.

(… besides your frustration, and stress, and aching longing to spend more time with your loved ones.)

You are going to fucking love this.

See you in May!


This your chance to work with me in the UKlove London, but I don’t get across the pond much so this may be the only time I EVER do this workshop outside the US. 

If you know this workshop is in your heart, I recommend signing up PRONTO.

Sign by March 31st to access £99 Early Bird Rate
(Save £50!)

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Still have questions? Email Mark, let’s chat.