What People Are Saying

“Before registering, I’ve always struggled with getting high-priority items done consistently and systematically. Follow through was always a challenge – I really couldn’t fathom how some people could remember things 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years from now!

What was missing was a personal system to make all of this happen. Time Ninja has solved all of this in an incredibly short period of time. It was almost like becoming Type A overnight.

I’m getting more done before 9AM on a routine basis than I would in 1-2 days prior. I suddenly have the time to take on higher-level tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

The format with 90 days of support and accountability is a game changer. This might be, by far, the best value course I’ve ever taken!”

  • Jonathan Hudak, Performance Manager, Manalapan, NJ


“To say Mark and Michael have built a successful business – a very unique and unconventional one at that – would be an understatement. They are the MASTERS at building community and hiring the right people who are the right fit.

  • Tony Gentilcore, Fitness Writer & Owner of CORE, Brookline, MA


I have loved Time Ninja! I'm someone that takes pride in using time efficiently, but this course has taken me to the next level. Especially since I am a new entrepreneur that *almost* has the opposite problem of a lot of people in the course.

This course has helped me define my priorities, taught me how to capture and dump information in an effective way, taught me how to be more productive and less reactive, helped me organize time chunks for optimal performance, given new insights on the importance of self-care, and offered an abundance of resources on further education and VAs.

  • Beverley Simpson, Owner of Simpson Fitness, New York City

"They have helped my business tremendously."

- Julian Cardoos, Owner of Rebirth Body Transformation Center

"That takes me to almost $4,000 in terms of new revenue month over month."

- Al Painter, Owner of Integrate Performance Fitness


“Before Time Ninja, I struggled juggling the myriad challenges a working actor faces in New York City; 8 shows a week, training (voice/acting/dance/gym), PT/acupuncture, getting groceries, cooking, auditioning for my next show, commuting, studying to write a personal training certification exam AND spending time with my girlfriend.

As I’ve worked through the course and developed better habits, I feel WAY more present, engaged, and happy. It’s like I have…more time.

If you or anyone you know is about to embark on any kind of career journey, there are invaluable tools to be obtained from taking this course. You’ll not only learn how to basically create MORE TIME but you’ll also learn things about yourself like what’s really important to you and how best to set yourself up for success in achieving those goals.”

  • Sam Strasfeld, Broadway Performer, New York City 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. It has been humbling, exciting - and damn, I still have work to do.

I feel like I'm back in the driver's seat.

I also have gained empathy - habits, in some ways I forgot, are HARD. It has given me more perspective for working with my clients - slowing down and letting them change one little thing at a time. Thank you.”

  • Maria Bascetta, Owner of The Southern Squeeze, Nashville, TN 

"I signed up for Time Ninja because my life was a beautiful hurricane, and I wanted to be the one controlling my life.

In this course, more than anything, I learned to be conscious of where I was spending my time. It's incredible how much time gets lost to nothingness when you're not focusing your attention.

If you want to feel happy, calm, and organized, you have to plan for it. Mark and Michael taught me how to eliminate the mishegos and really think about exactly what I wanted and how exactly how to prioritize only that.

The course will pay for itself a million times over once you become the CEO of your life."

  • Katie Finneran, multiple Tony Award winning film, Broadway and TV actress 

“Thank you again for such an inspiring seminar! And thank you for packing so much good stuff in two short hours! I could have sat for two more!”

  • Dianna Bush, Owner of Dianna Bush Photography, New York City

Time is our most precious commodity and too many people take it for granted. As an entrepreneur we're always focused on speed, speed, speed and we rarely get a chance to step back to see if what we're doing is really the most important daily tasks.

Spending the time going through Time Ninja helped to reevaluate my current strategy and focus on the activities that get me closer to my goal and avoiding the energy draining ones that get me further from it."

  • John Annillo, Marketing Agency Owner of Gym Autopilot, Hoboken, NJ 

Time Ninja has restored my relationship with Time. I started this course burnt out and frazzled. Now, I feel far less stressed because I'm in control of my day. The process started with admitting I needed some help and actually signing up.

During the in-person workshop, we identified some immediate action steps and laid a great foundation. The accountability and support provided over the last few weeks has been the real game changer. This program is far more than a lesson in managing time."

  • Jessica Botte, Fitness Professional and Entrepreneur, JBeWell Fitness Solutions, New York City


    “As a senior manager for the last 8 years I’ve always been aware of the culture I want to create with my team, but I honestly never thought about how I could build a business around that culture. My idea of starting my own business always got stuck on a formula of a business plan from my university days and an operational budget/cashflow that felt too risky.

    I don’t think I’m rushing to start my own business just yet, but I feel much better about what I can create when I do decide to go down that route. Many thanks for taking the time to talk and share what you love.”

    • Margaret Moll, Future Entrepreneur, New York City


    “Thank you for hosting the business workshop… It was very informative and inspirational--I have a lot of mull over! I look forward to coming to future events.”

    • Nicole Papantoniou, Future Entrepreneur, New York City

    “Business for Unicorns inspired me to take fresh eyes to all of my outreach as well as take a pretty critical look at my persona in my business and how it aligns with who I genuinely am.”

    • Carrie Cole, Boston, MA