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Molly is the co-founder and woman-in-charge of Girls Gone Strong, a movement started in 2011 by seven women who wanted to change the landscape of nutrition and training information for women. Two and a half years later and it’s become a REVOLUTION!

GGS offers evidence-based, body-positive, actionable tools to help women reach their health and fitness goals while falling in love with themselves. To date they have engaged over 600,000 women from 70 countries around the world.

Today Molly says she’s on a mission to: “Help women discover and accept what their best body looks like, without having to kill themselves to get there.  And once they discover that, I want to help them have grace and compassion about it.”


In this episode, Michael and Molly discuss:

  • Women’s Fitness in Today’s Cultural Climate
  • Building Online Communities
  • Creating Compelling Content

Mentioned in this Episode:

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