Episode 1: The Secret to Becoming a Business Unicorn with Mark Fisher

by Michael Keeler

What if you were friends with a bunch badass business leaders and entrepreneurs and could ask them about their successes, challenges, and most valuable advice? That’s exactly what Business for Unicorns delivers. Join business coach and entrepreneur Michael Keeler as he speaks with inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who believe that a business can make money while improving the lives of their employees and customers.


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Mark Fisher is an in-demand international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. His core expertise is helping business owners achieve financial success and personal freedom through community building, leadership development, and creating healthy organizational cultures. He’s also excellent at playing with puppies.

In this podcast Michael and Mark discuss:

  • How to manage constant change in a growing business.
  • Mark’s recipe for continuous learning and personal development.
  • How to treat feedback like a gift and improve your ability to give feedback.
  • The 3 levels of management that we all experience.
  • How to deal with the chronic stress of leadership.
  • How to balance transparency and privacy in your communication.
  • Mark’s roadmap to building a personal brand and speaking career.
  • How to use content marketing to attract more of your ideal clients.

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  1. Dawn B

    Hi Mark and Michael: I know I am listening to these Podcasts out of order but getting to them as I am able to devote the time to focus on what is being said. Since I was in one of your sessions at IDEA World, I knew I would gain a lot by signing up for your newsletters. When you talked about the people who do all the things as far as going to conferences, workshops, etc but not really applying them just soaking up the knowledge, I can really relate. In the beginning I took what I learned and went with it excitedly to grow my business and be a better trainer, leader and person. Somewhere down the road, I started to get stuck and I definitely think it is related to fear of failing (or maybe being good), comparison,not being successful or taken seriously in the industry and confidence. It became really frustrating because eventually everything I was learning was going to waste. One of the important lessons I learned that being part of a team really works well for me. I tried to do everything on my own and stepped out there, giving up everything, before really knowing what I was getting into working as an independent trainer. There was a lot of help I turned down to try to prove to myself I could do it and the reality is, everyone needs help. I needed to grow a lot more before I went in full speed ahead.You can’t just go out there saying I am going to conquer the world without proper tools and knowledge to help do it. If you say you’re a conqueror, you have to prove your methods and remove the excuses. That is what I am working at doing now, stepping out of my own way and asking for help or guidance.

    • Michael Keeler

      Thanks so much for sharing Dawn! So glad you found this episode valuable. In the spirit of asking for help and guidance, please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you and your developing career.


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