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About Mark:

Mark has spent the last 15 years working with athletes from a variety of sports at every level. He began his career with the Toronto Maple Leaf’s organization and most recently was the head of performance for the Anaheim Ducks. Mark is the founder of Elite Training Systems (ETS) in Ontario, which has grown to 4 locations servicing athletes from all major and minor sports.

He also serves as a consultant for a number of health and performance organizations. Currently Mark serves as a member of the Under Armour Training Team building out high performance training initiatives for the brand. Mark also serves as Head of the Matrix Performance Team, building initiatives in high performance training.

In this episode, Michael spoke with Mark about:


  • Covid in and around the different cities in Canada and how it is effecting the businesses
  • How to create a plan that everyone on the team is comfortable implementing and communicating to clients
  • Resilience and as an entrepreneur, leader, and a dad, how Mark demonstrates and teaches how to bounce back, stick to it, come back after getting knocked down as a business owner
  • How to standout in the crowd and let people notice the uniqueness of your business
  • What the general population fitness gyms can learn from athletes and training gyms
  • Scaling to multiple locations and cultivating the entrepreneur spirit in your people

Mentioned in the Episode:

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