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About Stuart:

Stuart Brauer is a 20-year student of the fitness industry – having been involved in large chain, big box gyms and independently owned studios/gyms. He owns his own microgyma (Urban MVMNT) in Charlotte, NC, but his full time job is creating no-BS content and consulting with gym owners to un-f*ck their business. You can hear all about his unique business model and especially his guerilla marketing strategies on the WTF Gym Talk – an all-round resource for everyone looking for information on how to grow a real fitness business.

In this episode, Michael spoke with Stuart about:


  • Stu talks about how to navigate Covid in the gym and with other fitness clients
  • Importance for gym owners to be passionate about fitness and coaching
  • Become critically thinking business owners and entrepreneurs
  • The importance and value of getting perspective as a gym owner
  • Ability to make unbiased evidence based decisions
  • Marketing strategies from Stu

Mentioned in the Episode:

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