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About Alwyn:

Alwyn Cosgrove is the co-owner of Results Fitness – a gym twice named as America’s Top Gyms by Men’s Health magazine. His special brand is all about “changing the way fitness is done”. The Scottish born, is considered a “rockstar” in the fitness industry. His passion led him from competing in martial arts, to reading everything related to fitness and training. His degree in Sports Performance further enhanced his learning along with training with fitness professionals and trainers from around the world.
He has authored several articles in leading publications including a regular column in the Men’s Health magazine. In addition, Alwyn has also co-authored two of the “New Rules of Lifting” series and is currently busy juggling the training of clients and his staff at Results Fitness. Alwyn is also quite active on the lecture circuit as well as coaching fitness trainers worldwide.

In this episode, Michael spoke with Alwyn about:


  • Talk revolves around all things covid
  • Alwyn talks about how he has evolved his fitness business due to covid
  • Predictions on fitness industry and how it might change because of covid
  • Importance of building really great systems in your business
  • How do you structure your team to make them interchangeable 
  • Advise on how not to struggle with quality control and team management

Mentioned in the Episode:

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