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About Laura:

Laura is the Founder of TriggerMapping™ – a certification and mentorship program designed to help nutrition professionals radically change the lives of the people they’re called to serve by infusing traditional nutrition practice with deep connection and neuroscience. She is collectively waking coaches up to a new, more healing-centric form of mastery…where freeing clients from toxic relationships with food and chronic dieting patterns becomes our default.

She instills into her students new coaching modalities based in empathy, change psychology, subconscious patterns, identity and ultimately new more grounded forms of communication that cultivate true connection and establish them as a guide and a healer for their clients, rather than simply a vessel to an external outcome. By expanding in this way, coaches unlock deeper connection to their clients + profoundly shift their behavioral patterns simply by matching the way they communicate to how they are uniquely wired to receive their wisdom.

She believes that nutrition coaches are among the most powerful change-makers of today. And if you’ll join her? She wants to awaken you, too – to an embodied, feminine coaching system where being who you are is your biggest asset, and creating radical change in others begins with a deep expansion of yourself.

In this episode, Michael spoke with Laura about:

  • Perfectionism and how that’s shown up this past year
  • How to create connection with nutrition clients
  • Tips and tricks for how to be a better nutrition coach

Mentioned in the Episode:

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