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About Ben:

Benjamin Pickard, B.Sc. Kin, CSCS, started Lean Strong Fitness in 2014 to use his passion, education, and experience in helping everyday people integrate fitness with their lives to get exceptional results. Known for his flexible approach to exercise and nutrition, Benjamin’s clients develop and confidently maintain a stronger, happier, and healthier lifestyle through fat loss, strength training, and nutrition coaching.

Running personal training, small group, and online programs, he has a unique approach to motivation and accountability that helps his clients thrive, and by staying at the forefront of all the latest health and training news they are getting the most relevant information (and best possible results) for their fitness journey.

Outside of the gym, Benjamin loves back country camping, a hot coffee on a cool spring morning, and creating the perfect hamburger. He lives in Guelph, ON with his family.


In this episode, Michael spoke with Michael about:

  • Grit and Lessons he’s learned as a leader
  • Building systems in your business
  • KPIS what numbers to track, how to track them, and the value of keeping track

Mentioned in this Episode:

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