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The BFU Podcast is back. hooray!

Now with weekly episodes focused exclusively on running a fitness business. Even more specifically, I’ll be talking with experts who can help all of your brick-and-mortar training gym owners create the business of your dreams.

I promise every episode will be full of actionable steps and practical takeaways — helping you make more money and a greater impact.

The good news doesn’t end there!

Every other week, Mark Fisher will join me for a bonus episode where we’ll chat about Mark Fisher Fitness and the lessons we’re learning through our work with Business for Unicorns clients around the world.

But wait, there’s more! (wink, wink)

We will also be posting our podcast as a video you can watch on Instagram and Youtube. So follow us for the latest piping hot content.

In this episode, Mark Fisher joins me as we talk about our plans for Business for Unicorns in 2021 and our top three lessons learned from 2020. Our industry continues to struggle through COVID, so we share our ups and downs from a super tough year.

Thanks as always for listening (and not watching)! Please spread the word to all your fellow fitness business nerds.

Let’s kick some 2021 ass!

In this episode, Mark and Michael discuss:

  • The value of community 
  • This year of COVID and what we’ve learned about ourselves and our business 
  • What percentage most gyms should spend off salary for their teams

Mentioned in this Episode:

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