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About Melba:

Dr.  Melba Nicholson Sullivan is committed to building individual and collective resilience. She has more than 25 years of leadership experience and is the CEO/Founder of Freedom Flow Solutions, LLC. Freedom Flow Solutions partners with organizations to train, consult, and provide services related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, stress and resilience, professional growth and development.  Dr. Sullivan collaborates with leaders in the human rights, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and corporate sectors.  She draws from her experience as a licensed clinical-community psychologist, contemplative practice facilitator, professional performing artist, and energetic healing practitioner.


In this episode, Michael and Melba Discuss:

  • Managing Workplace Stress and Resilience
  • Using all the senses to enhance learning
  • Creating a more human workplace 
  • How to approach diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in your workplace

Mentioned in this Episode:


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