MF on Leadership

by Mark Fisher

First off, if you haven’t signed up to join us in Vegas on March 24th-25th, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE.

Ok, ok. I understand you may need to ask your spouse first.

But we only have a handful of spots for non-Unicorn Society members. And it’s going to be an AMAZING retreat. Lotsa fun, tons of great info on getting more leads, and a quarterly planning deep dive.

You may even get a rare appearance of an affable hooligan known as “Party Mark.” (-;

More details HERE.

Today, I’ve got an awesome podcast interview on Zachary Ames’s show, Expand Your Zone. 

Expand Your Zone zeroes in on one of my favorite topics: leadership.

Full disclosure; there are some VERY fancy people who guest on this show. I was honored!

We go deep on a few topics related to leadership that I haven’t covered elsewhere. I think you’ll dig it.

MF on Leadership

Can’t wait to nuzzle into your brain via your earholes,


PS: Want to hang out with yours truly, Michael Keeler, Pete Dupuis, and Ben Pickard in Las Vegas on Fri March 24th and Sat March 25th?

Does it sound fun to spend time with like-minded gym owners, sharing ideas, going out to amazing meals and drinks, and enjoying all that Vegas has to offer?

Only 5 spots available for non-US members. Learn more below.




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