3 Tips for Taking Feedback Like a Pro

by Michael Keeler

We often focus on improving our ability as managers and leaders to give feedback, but we should also spend time becoming better at receiving feedback.

Receiving feedback can be difficult for two main reasons: it is unexpected or it is emotionally triggering.

In this video, we cover three important tips for getting better at it. If you would rather read, simply see the cliff notes below.

Tip #1: Ask for feedback.

  • Commit to asking for feedback once per week to start. Get managers to go first.
  • Use the prompt, “What can I be doing more of?”
  • Ask for feedback on small, specific topics instead of general performance.

Tip #2: Assume good intent.

  • Feedback is a gift. You are getting it because the other person cares.
  • We often don’t assume good intent because we are emotionally triggered.

Tip #3: Own and archive.

  • Be humble and honest about your contribution to the issue.
  • Commit to considering the parts you are not ready to own.

After you watch, please join the conversation in the comments below.


How would you rate your own ability to receive feedback?


What are you going to do differently as a result of this video?


Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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