What Kind of Help do You Need?

by Mark Fisher

Welcome to a brand spankin’ New Year. 🙂

As we think about the year ahead, I wanted to drop you a short note and invite you to get crystal clear on what kind of help you need.

You see, sometimes, we know the root of a given issue and we know how to solve it. We just haven’t made it a priority to fix it. That this can require some accountability/ kick-in-the-ass, we at least know what the issue is.

Other times, we know the issue, but aren’t sure how to solve it. This is where a one-off call with a consultant or studying best practices can be helpful.

Still other times, we face the thorniest knot: we know we’re not getting the results we want, but we’re not exactly sure what the issue is.

And the worst case scenario?

When you THINK you know the root of your issue… but you’re wrong.

This means spending time, energy, and money working for a fix without seeing traction. Because you’re not actually solving the root of the issue.


At the very least, you can start moving towards some progress by identifying the number one current issue in your business.

In other words: 

If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about your business, what would you change and how would it be different?

This question should inform setting your quarterly goals. And it also needs to be asked on a daily basis. 

Until you know your most important priority, it’s hard to solve it. Because even if you hire a coach, you can’t articulate the kind of help you need.

Happily, we have a really cool resource that can help.

Check out our Training Gym Owner’s Report Card HERE.

It will help you identify where your business needs help, which will point you in the right direction.

Happy New Year!


 PS Want an outside eye to help you get to the core issues in your business?

Here are two ways we can work with you:




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