Seen My *Newest* Project? [Gym World Worldwide]

by Mark Fisher

Keeping it brief today, but wanted to be sure you saw my newest project.

That’s right… MOAR MF CONTENT!

My pals John Franklin and Mateo Lopez from Kilo have joined forces with yours truly to start a new kind of fitness industry YouTube show:

Gym World Worldwide!

We take the biggest news from the broader fitness industry –– tech, big box gyms, franchise brands, apparel, influencers –– and we boil it down for gym owners like you. 

Think of it as an irreverent fitness industry news show that will help you:

  1. Stay looped in to what’s going on in the wider world of fitness
  2. Know what to DO with your gym in light of what’s going on in the wider world of fitness

This show is designed to help you think bigger.

Most gym owners are figuring out how to add the next $1,000 in profit. They start small projects that turn into big distractions, which over the course of their career, leads to millions in lost opportunity cost. 

Not to be all braggy, but the three of us have had some real financial success. You’ll get to eavesdrop on us as we parse trends and learn how we think about business opportunities in our industry.

We’re really excited about this and getting great feedback about it.

Click the links below to check out three recent episodes:

Bonus points for subscribin’ and sharin’ with pals!


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