“It Worked So Well, I Stopped Doing It!”

by Mark Fisher

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In today’s missive, let’s highlight a common challenge for many training gym owners. 

Have you ever found yourself thinking…

“That strategy worked so well, I completely stopped doing it!”

You’re not alone!

At this point in my career, I’m not necessarily looking for truly brand new strategies to run my businesses.

It’s certainly possible I’ll find some nuggets here and there. But I’ve been obsessively studying, reading, attending workshops, and getting coaching for over ten years. And while methods change, principles don’t.

Lest you be turned off by reading this as arrogant, let me assure you I do NOT have it all figured out. Far from it.

Ultimately, running a training gym isn’t actually that complicated. There are a finite number of skills required. And there are only so many strategies and tactics available for this scale of business.

But the core issue for most of us isn’t a lack of ideas.

It’s a lack of execution.

Specifically, applying the right strategy in the right time in the right way for the right amount of time.

This is why I keep hitting the books, literally and figuratively. I may not find brand new ideas per se. But I don’t need new ideas. In many cases, I’m looking to be reminded of ideas.

Sometimes they’re ideas I didn’t try because it wasn’t the right time.

Or occasionally, it’s a twist that could make an old idea work better.

Or, as much as it grieves me to confess, it’s a previously-utilized idea that somehow slipped off the radar. This is even more hilarious/infuriating when it was one that was bearing mucho fruit.

Or put differently:

“It worked so well, I stopped doing it!”

In my experience, this is even more of an issue with one’s personal habits. At least in a business setting you can create SOPs. In most cases, you’re working within the context of a team so there’s more accountability to stay on track.

But it’s even easier to fall off the habits of personal self-care and productivity. The only incentive to stay on path is a desire to keep getting positive results. 

And yet life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs that distract us from what we know works.

This is normal. Virtually all of us fall prey to this at least some of the time.

So my question for you is this:

What is one practice (personally or in your business) that was working AND that you stopped doing?

It may be hard to answer this in a vacuum. That’s why continuous education is helpful. Even when you’re not getting brand new ideas, you’re being re-exposed to old ideas that deserve another shot.

So rather than thinking of learning as “finding brand new stuff,” appreciate the value of “being reminded of old stuff that you should try doing again.”

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