Is AI taking your job? Maybe…?

by Mark Fisher

Below are some bold predictions about how artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT3 and DALL-E are going to impact your work as a gym owner.

You and your staff will still play the most important role. The “human stuff” will be hard and probably impossible to replace.

But a LOT of what you and your team currently do will be outsourced by robots who will do it cheaper and better. And sooner than you think.

Would love for you to read the below and hit me back with your hot take.




Hit me back!

Tasks and Roles that AI Will Replace in the Next 5 years:

  • Program Design (every kind, from group classes to totally individualized 1-on-1)
  • Website design
  • Website copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Marketing sales emails
  • Marketing content emails
  • Sales follow-up emails and texts (including proposed frequency and channels)
  • Graphic design (social posts, facility signs, merch design, etc.)
  • Basic sales conversations over text and DMs (like Bots now but better)
  • Writing contracts for members
  • Translating and negotiating leases
  • Writing code to put widgets on your website for things like customized macro calculations
  • Identifying at-risk members based on their attendance history and triggering automated follow-up AND team member notification for manual follow-up
  • Holding members accountable to daily actions and automating follow-up AND team member notification for manual follow-up
  • More effective and automated behavior-based rewards systems for members

NOTE: Many of these are ALREADY available in basic form and they’re only going to get better.

Things We’ll Still Do in 5 Years:

  • Interpersonal connection with clients, making them feel “seen” in sessions, thinking of highly personalized ideas for gifts, etc.
  • Coaching the sessions and providing real time technical feedback
  • Attending to the emotional needs of our team; providing positive feedback and directive/constructive feedback
  • Overseeing and creating all of the above systems
  • Creating the big ideas we want the AI to create support materials to sell (e.g. graphic design, offers, follow-up sequences, etc.)
  • Auditing the results of campaigns and making tweaks to improve performance based on tracking data

NOTE: Long term (10-20 years), much of this list will ALSO be done better by robots than by humans.

Overall, I’m confident that human-to-human interaction will always be needed and not replaced by robots. 

But if the robots are no longer distinguishable from humans (which could happen soon in digital communication), I could be wrong about this.

The last pillar to fall will be in-person human interactions with another human, as I’m not sure we’ll see completely lifelike robot humans ever, and almost certainly not in this century.

Tell me…

  • What else is on this list?
  • What else will we automate?
  • What else WON’T we use AI for in the next 5 years?

Robots ain’t coming, robots BE HERE,


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