Happy New Year [FREE Resource]

by Mark Fisher

First things first, it’s not too late to grab a spot for my time management workshop. I’ll be making the magic this coming Saturday, Jan 7th from 10am to 5pm est virtually on Zoom.

Although live attendance is strongly encouraged, all registrants will get the recording after the fact.

It’s going to be a GREAT way to set yourself up for the most organized and productive year of your life. To learn more and claim your spot, click HERE.

Now, we all know the New Year is a great time to reflect on your goals for the year ahead.

And if you haven’t had time to get your goals on paper?

Well, I have great news. Below you’ll find an awesome resource to help get in the right mindset. And it all starts with a compelling 5 Year Vision. It’s the exact same process I use for myself that I outlined in a previous YouTube video.

To properly use this tool for your training gym, your personal 5 Year Vision is just the start. You’ll also want clear business goals, broken down into key quarterly projects and weekly metrics of behaviors and results.

But as the gym owner, it’s important to start with your personal vision first

Because you don’t want to spend lots of time, effort, and money to build a business you don’t actually like. So we need some clarity on your personal dreams to inform your business goals.

Click the link below, schedule a 60-minute work session in your calendar, and get those brain juices-a-cookin’! 😉

5 Year Vision

Into the FUTURE!


PS I’ll be using this framework as part of my upcoming 1-day time management workshop this Saturday. 

More details HERE.

PPS: Here are three ways to get more BFU in your life:

  • Learn more about our coaching group The Unicorn Society HERE.
  • Subscribe to our Business for Unicorns podcast  HERE. 
  • Subscribe to Mark’s new YouTube channel HERE



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