Best Writing Resources

by Mark Fisher

If you run a training gym, sometimes you’re going to have to put the proverbial pen to paper.

As long time readers know, your beloved author suggests consistent email marketing to your community of current and future clients. These emails need to build value by being educational, entertaining, and/or inspiring. And it’s hard to do that if your writing is clunky.

Social media, although more-and-more a video platform, still benefits from strong captions. This is even more true if you write copy for digital ads.

Writing also matters for internal communication. Rolling out a new team initiative is best supported with clearly written expectations, even if you launch it in a meeting. 

Sharing policy changes or rate increases for your members? Videos can be a great addition. But once again, a written communication is the most accessible way for people to digest the information.

How about utilizing cold emails to build relationships for possible joint venture partners? Once again, writing will be involved.

And sometimes… you’ll need to sell shit. You’ll need to make persuasive offers, acknowledge pain points, clarify the benefits of your service, address obstacles and take away risk. These offers are made via emails, paid digital ads, landing pages, and on websites. Some of these are long form copy, others short form. Regardless, you’ll benefit from some writing skillz.

Listen, you’re not trying to be Hemingway. You’re not writing the next Great American Novel. In fact, most business writing should be conversational in tone.

Nonetheless, mastering basic writing skills is a superpower that undergirds much of training gym success.

To that end, I wanted to offer a handful of resources I’ve found valuable over the years.

First up, here are two short blog posts rich in dense, actionable info. Both of these pieces are older but stand up well because they’re principle-based.

Next up is a book I reread every two years. 


I knooooow…

Even though I’ve been writing for business since 2010, I’m embarrassed to say I was missing many small nuances until I finally read Elements of Style. And every time I reread it, I slap my forehead when reminded of something else I forgot.

The first one is the original classic, but I prefer the second one. Which is basically the same book only very, very vulgar. So that’s the one I usually read for a refresher.

Since writing is about more than grammar and design, the next two books are classics on the craft of writing itself. This may be more than some of you need. But if you were a sensitive and shy child who wanted to be alone and write stories about romantic vampires (…), you will really enjoy these. 

Even if you’re only interested in writing as a tool to improve your business results, they’re both worth a read.

Finally, writing to sell is its own skill set. The books below are worth a read if you run a gym. Remember, even when supported with video, you will make virtually all of your offers via written words.

While the principles work, I concede the hardcore underbelly of the direct response copy world is, at times, painfully tacky. 

If you have an online brand with lots of scale, and if that’s the kind of consumer you want, you will likely make the most money by utilizing the proposed 1970’s-ish direct mail, long form ad copy style. Nonetheless, provided you keep a modicum of taste as you implement, you will benefit from learning and utilizing these principles.

There you are my friend. Hope you find these reccos helpful!


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