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by Mark Fisher

Since we’re just a few days away from the closing of the Early Bird window for the Unicorn Society’s midyear enrollment

I want to shamelessly talk about the humans who provide the BFU coaching magic.

You see, if you’re looking for support in growing your training gym, you have one FRILLION options.

I’m good pals with many of the best people that also coach fitness business owners. And the reality is… a lot of them are great! 

We all have our unique strengths and areas of expertise. We also have different “vibes” as humans. And personal relationships are a meaningful contributor to coaching success; so this is a non-trivial consideration.

Furthermore, different programs are set-up VERY differently. 

In the Unicorn Society, we keep a tight cap on enrollment. This is so you get actual personal access to Keeler, Pete, Ben, and yours truly. 

As in… getting on Zoom with us personally in 1-on-1 calls to talk through your challenges and opportunities.

As in… you have our phone numbers and can text us when something time-sensitive comes up.

As in… going out to dinner and getting drinks with us in awesome locations for our quarterly Unicorn Society retreats.

Sure, we have lots of done-for-you playbooks. Sure, you get access to updated versions of all of our BFU courses on topics like time management, leadership, sales & marketing, customer service, and more. And of course, you get to plug into a community of like-minded peers via the retreats, the group coaching calls, and the Facebook group.

And like any business worth its salt, we do use a repeatable process to help you create order in your business, identify the most pressing priorities, and keep you accountable to getting shit down.

But I want to share a bit more about the humans you — and your team, who also get access to the above resources — will be spending quality time with as a member of the Unicorn Society.

Michael Keeler

    • Certified Professional Coach since 2012 with over 10k hours of coaching experience.
    • M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University with a focus on change leadership
    • Successfully climbed the corporate ladder in the luxury hospitality sector at the Four Seasons before becoming an entrepreneur
    • Speaker and facilitator for hundreds of conferences and workshops around the world 
    • Served on the boards of several non-profit organizations, with a primary passion for expanding access to arts and culture
    • Currently researching Ph.D. programs to further his education

    Pete Dupuis

      • Co-founded internationally-recognized Cressey Sports Performance with clients all over the globe and well over 100,000 social media followers.
      • CSP as a whole has accumulated more than 8-figures in training revenues since 2007
      • Assisted in designing and developing an internship program that boasts more than 300 alumni, including current coaches in MLB, the NBA, and the NHL
      • Lectured on multiple continents and at events all over the United States.
      • Published 200+ blogs relating to the business of fitness since 2015
      • Offensively consistent poster of screen-grabbed small business ownership tweets to Instagram.
      • Arguably best known for quoting my unknowingly hilarious sons on social media and exposing their comedic brilliance to the world.

      Ben “The Secret Weapon” Pickard

        • Averaged $167k profit per year in his training gym since Day 1, including through C0VID
        • No loans, investors, partners, and totally bootstrapped 
        • Spent $70k+ on continuing education in last 6 years
        • Unicorn Society Member for 5 years… until Pete kicked him out and made him a coach
        • International speaker
        • Consulted with multibillion dollar company to build out training facilities
        • “The BEST systems/ spreadsheet guy I’ve ever met” – Mark Fisher
        • Over 10 years self-employed experience
        • … All while having a family (his son was born during his third year of undergrad)

        Mark Fisher

          • International speaker for fitness conferences, with keynotes, talks, and workshops at Perform Better, IDEA World, IDEA Club & Studio, IDEA Personal Trainer Institute, FILEX, SCW MANIA, Anytime Fitness Australia, The Summit by BFS, Lift the Bar, The Fitness Business Summit, The International Fitness Business Alliance, The Strong Pro Summit, Vigor Ground Summit, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Strength Matters, Kansas City Fitness Summit, Nor-Cal Summit, Fitness Revolution, VASA Fitness, UK Leisure Industry Week, and many more
          • Speaker, mentor, and/or consultant for businesses and events outside the fitness industry, including SONY Music, Security Scorecard, Two12, Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, Novus Surgical, LiquiTech, TEDxBroadway, and more.
          • Co-founder and CEO of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of the industry’s most well known, successful, and strangest training gyms. Over the past 10 years, MFF has seen over $30 million in revenue, over 100 employees, over 6000 plus clients, and many painful lessons
          • Experienced real estate investor
          • Founded third business in 2022 to open up Alloy Personal Training franchises
          • 8-year member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization


          Like I said, you have all sorts of options for how to get support with your training gym. Hell, you may decide you’re satisfied with reading these emails, listening to the BFU podcast, and watching my YouTube channel.

          But if you think you’d benefit from getting personal coaching from the humans above…

          We sincerely hope you apply. And we can’t wait to meet you.

          Just remember the early bird pricing ends on Sunday

          So the window is closing to get the best rates on your last chance to join before 2023.

          APPLY TODAY



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