Business for Unicorns Manifesto

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Hi. I’m Mark.

You know what makes me fucking nuts? When someone hates their job.

Show me someone who hates their job and I’ll show you someone who isn’t reaching their potential to share their unique song with the world. That breaks my fucking heart. I think as a society, we can do better.

Welcome to Business for Unicorns. Welcome to our diary.

Michael and I are obsessed with business — obsessed with the potential that business has to improve the quality of life for everyone in its sphere. We believe business has an obligation to indirectly drive positive improvements in society by being a servant to it’s team members, it’s customers, it’s vendors, it’s community, and the world at large. If people are happy and fulfilled in their work, the world is better off. Period.

The purpose of this blog is to synthesize what we are learning as a business owners, and hopefully to provide some amusement, knowledge, and/ or inspiration to anyone who cares to read it.

This blog will be highly informal. Expecting tons of cursing and potentially subpar grammar. By design, Business for Unicorns will be off the cuff, so thanks in advance for understanding this is gonna be some home-made shit.

We are calling this Business for Unicorns, because unicorns are the mascot and spirit animal of the business we co-founded, Mark Fisher Fitness. Unicorns are an example of something magical, beautiful, and rare.

I think a business that lives up to its promise is like a unicorn; magical, beautiful, and so rare, their very existence is questioned. That’s what I want for MFF and any business endeavor. I can’t think of a better use of my life than chasing unicorns.

I know I may never catch them. And that’s ok. I think the pursuit is worth it. This is the diary of a weird, weird dude trying to figure it all out.

On behalf of Michael and yours truly, Welcome to Business For Unicorns!