Business Coaching

Working with an expert coach is the most effective tool for having more growth, more impact, and more fun operating your training gym.

Why Invest in A Coach?

Coaches help you clarify your goals, overcome obstacles and commit to action.

Everyone who wants to maximize their potential needs a coach. Just like an Olympic athlete who needs a coach to guide their growth and development, you can achiever greater success by working with an experiences business and leadership coach.

Michael and Mark show you how to nail the sh*t out life.
Jumping high fives are a key strategy.

Three Coaching Packages

Everyone needs a support system. Let us be yours.

Rapid Fire Coaching

Rapid Fire Coaching

One hour of coaching by phone or video chat.

This is a targeted strategy session. Together, we will take a deep dive into areas of your training gym that need the most attention. This session is right for you if you have already identified a specific need or area for improvement in your business that could benefit from expert guidance and coaching.

One-time payment of $300
Expires in 30 days

Targeted Coaching

Targeted Coaching

Three hours of coaching by phone or video chat.

If you would like to work on a short-term goal or issue, we've designed this package for you. With three hours of coaching time we can dive deep into your topic and make meaningful progress in a short period of time. On our follow-up coaching calls, we’ll keep you accountable to make certain you successfully implement and solve your core challenge.

    One-time payment of $799
    Expires in 60 days

    Business Mentorship

    Business Mentorship

    Nine hours of coaching by phone or video chat. Ideally, three hours per month for three months.

    If you are serious about truly taking your training gym to the next level, this program is for you. In our 1-hour weekly coaching sessions, we will help you prioritize where to put your efforts to see a massive impact in your business. With each subsequent coaching session, we’ll keep you accountable, make certain you successfully implement core strategies, and overcome any obstacles that arise.

      $649 per month
      3-month minimum.
      Expires in 90 days.

      Did You Know?

      A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.