We Make Better Entrepreneurs

Business for Unicorns is a safe space for entrepreneurs and small business owners to challenge the limits of their mindset and skill set with courses designed to create next-level growth in their business.

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have taken countless courses and workshops that focus solely on strategy and theory without any support during implementation. Our courses are designed to explore new strategies and provide expert coaching as you implement those new ideas into your business.

As businesses struggle to keep pace in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, Business for Unicorns provides the training needed to help entrepreneurs like you build remarkable businesses that make the greatest positive impact on the world.

Our Promise

All of our courses are designed to help entrepreneurs have…

More money. We strongly believe business needs to be about way more than money (see other points). But we also believe you deserve to make a great livelihood if you’re contributing a great service to the world. If you run a business, you should be making a healthy income.

More freedom, less stress. Everyone is always talking about creating a business so you can “have more freedom.” This is great in theory, but it relies on you having a well-trained team that you trust and that trusts you back. Most business owners have a job with crushing hours. They can’t go to Europe for a couple of weeks at a time or go to Burning Man and turn their phone off for a week. We’ll show you how.

Happy clients who pay more and stay longer. You probably want clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth and commit to you as a business. And you should! But you have to earn that right. You have to build that trust over time, and the way to do that is with a remarkable service culture.

A powerful impact on the people you love and serve. We want to help our team reach their life goals. We want to help our clients finally achieve their dreams. We want to create a great life for our families in the process. We want our business to be a pillar of our neighborhood and community. In short, we want to leave the world better than we found it.

“To say Mark and Michael have built a successful business – a very unique and unconventional one at that – would be an understatement. They are the MASTERS at building community and hiring the right people who are the right fit.”

- Tony

“We came back from the workshop really energized. We had over 12 pages of notes, single spaced in Word! We met some great people, we learned so much, and we laughed a ton!”

- Josh

“Business for Unicorns inspired me to take fresh eyes to all of my outreach as well as take a pretty critical look at my persona in my business and how it aligns with who I genuinely am.”

- Carrie

Driven by Our Values

Growth Mindset

Humans are not toasters. We are not fixed. We are endless possibility.

Radical Responsibility

We take 100% responsibility
for our thoughts, feelings
and actions.

Imperfect Action

It’s never going to be perfect. F*cking do it.



We deliver top-notch courses and services that will help you create next-level success in your business, but we’re also batshit crazy, curse like sailors, talk a lot about unicorns, magic and “feelings.” If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you should close this browser immediately and we hope you have a kick-ass day. If you’re looking for a business course that is fun and effective, you came to the right place.