BFU TV #5 If You Hate Sales, Watch This

Oh booooy I’m excited for this one.

For this week’s episode of Business for Unicorns TV, we have MFF’s “Minister of Belief” Brian “The Manimal” Patrick Murphy.

(Yep. He has not one, but TWO unicorn names.)

There are few topics more important to master in all of business than sales.

Unfortunately, sales is a dirty word to many of us. And that’s very normal. No one likes to be pressured into doing anything, and the very word gives many of us the heebie jeebies.

But is there another way? Can we “sell” people into taking action and still keep our integrity?

Enter BPM.

In this episode, Brian will share:

  • How he approaches getting future Ninjas to take action.
  • How to talk to your team if you’re finding the people you work with “hate” sales.
  • His NUMBER ONE tip for high integrity sales conversations.
  • His personal rituals for consistent success.
  • His go to book recommendations.

As always, sharing with like-minded peeps is super neato. Just like you!

6 thoughts on “BFU TV #5 If You Hate Sales, Watch This

  1. Absolutely love listening to you guys! Very informative but I gotta say, personality is everything. It’s how you relay information. Very glad I subscribed to your emails. Thanks for the help!

  2. Mark! Thank you so much for bringing Brian Patrick Murphy into the closet with you! So much value once again. I am in love with his “get your mind right” mentality even if its only a chapter or a youtube video. Thanks once again for sharing your teams passion. I can’t wait to see Brian talk in person someday!

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