Welcome to Business for Unicorns, a blog created by the co-founders of Mark Fisher Fitness to share lessons learned while building one of the fastest growing companies in America (Shout to Inc. 500!). Our ultimate goal is to help fitness business owners create remarkable service cultures by taking world-class care of their clients and team. Our proven methods drive massive business growth and help owners live the life they envision.

Fair Warning: We promise top notch content that will help you create next-level success in your business, but we’re also bat-shit crazy, curse like sailors, talk alot about unicorns, magic, and “feelings”, and don’t plan to use an editor (so there WILL be typos). If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you should close this browser immediately and we hope you have a kick-ass day.

If you still want to play with us, Welcome to Business for Unicorns!

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